Shen Mi Ye 40 gram
POM: TR. 053. 248. 721.

Free Radicals :

Free Radicals are certain types of molecules containing unpaired electrons. These electrons are extremely reactive to seek their pairs by tying up other electrons living around them such as lipid, unsaturated acids, lipoproteins, carbohydrates and DNA, so that they can destroy the structures and functions of cells resulting in various diseases such as diabetic, aging, cardiovascular disorder, heart diseases, stroke, arthritis, cancer and etc.

Antioxidant :

Antioxidants are chemical substances which can prevent and protect free radical reactions, and they can guard the body from oxidation and damaging effects of free radicals; prevent damages to structures and functions of cells and such processes will help the body to increase immunity and prevent risks of various diseases.

Catechin :

Catechin is bioflsvononod which is potochemically iis an antioxidant that very strong and active , which is highly contined in Uncarriare leaf. (The American Cathecin Research Institute)


Tannin :

Tannin is polyphenol substance found in plants which functions as stringent and cure burns. Tannin contained in Uncariae leaf is inseparable from Catechin and it also functions as antioxidant, anti-inflammation, antibacterial, antivirus, anti-HIV and so on ( Prof. J. M. T. Hamilton-Miller, Prof. Ann E,Hagerman, wikipedia ).


( Report of Laboratory Analysis, Sucopindo Certificate No.: 036959/DBBPAD/2008 )
( Report of Laboratory Analysis – Indonesian Scientific Institute (LIPI) No: A- 036 / 28 / VI / 2007. )
( The process and its restorative powers have been patented at “HAKI” under its temporary Patent Number, No.: 047.0964.A./2007 )

Cathechin in “Uncariae Concentrate” : is a kind of strong, natural and active antioxidant pursuant to the result of analytical test by “LIPI”, Certificate No.: A031/V/2007. IC 50 : Inhibition Concentration 50 µg/mL (Limit of concentration), If :

Inhibition concentration < 50 = very active. 51-100 = active. 101-1000 = less active. > 1000 = not active. Cathecin of Uncariae Cencentrate (Shen Mi Ye) IC 50 =14,66 µg/mL, so its range is said to be very active.

The Uses :

How to use:

Adult : 2 x 2 Sendok takar rata sehari
Then : 3 x 2 Sendok takar rata sehari.
Child : 8 - 12 yr = 1/2 adult dose.
: 3 - 7 yr = 1/4 adult dose.


Disolve and stir "Sari Uncariae" powder with enough hot water, add water about 350 ml, lalu drink it in while warm.


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